Adventure Balloons on The Radio!

Did we ever tell you about our BBC interview on the local radio station in the Oxford area? Adventure Balloons enjoyed yet another claim to fame via the radio waves where our very own Kim Hull appeared on the Malcolm Boyden’s breakfast show, giving the show the little extra lift (e’hem) they were looking for! But this wasn’t the first, Kim’s has acquired himself quite a repertoire of radio experiences having also taken part in interviews with Chris Evans on Radio 2 and Ellie Harrison on BBC 1!

Kim says;

“I thought Malcolm would want information about our ballooning predecessors such as local Oxford man James Sadler, who was the first Englishman to fly from this country n 4th October 1784 from Christchurch Meadows but he was more interested in the modern day experience of flying in a hot air balloon from Oxford. We were the first company to offer passenger balloon flights from Oxford’s city parks in 1995, persuading the council that it would be a good thing for tourists and locals alike. After the interview Malcolm asked listeners to call in to tell him about their ballooning experiences – ballooning is so reliant on the wind on the day that there is always a story to tell!”

The interview was rounded off with Kim’s usual mug gesture, where Malcolm was presented with one of the company’s giant balloon coffee mugs, perfect for a radio presenter! “We give these to landowners after we land” said Kim “They always go down well”.

Check out the above mug shot ;-)

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