Ballooning Over Surrey Could Be Ballooning Over….Kenya?

I wouldn’t in a million years have ever thought that any part of England bared resemblance to Africa’s beloved Kenya! With its glorious mountain peaks, its humid climate, its world renowned safaris and wildlife reserves, not to mention its glorious tropical lakes and park land, how on earth would modest England share any similarity at all?

At Adventure Balloons one of our most popular flight locations is Surrey and it’s no wonder really! During the flight, if you’re lucky enough, the wind will take the balloon over Hankley Common which is south of Farnham. Your pilot will introduce you to the common land areas from 3’000 feet in the air and strangely, the land bares a strong resemblance to the game reserves in the Masai Mara in Kenya. We like to get the most out of the flight for our passengers ensuring a memorable experience, so we like to play little games, for example on this flight path there is always a prize for the first passenger to spot a wildebeest! Just to the North of Hankley Common is the start of the River Wey, and if you take a look at the picture (above) of our Happy Birthday Balloon flying over the river as it winds its way to the Mill at Elstead, you’ll see an uncanny likeness of the picture (below) taken by company pilot Kim Hull when flying in Kenya over 15 years ago!

If you’d like the opportunity to see England from the same perspective, why not book your own surrey balloon flight adventure? You can enjoy the breath taking views and enjoy the sheer thrill of Britain’s most dreamed about past time; hot air ballooning. Book online or call us on 01252 844222.

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