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Really ‘See’ The World From a Unique Perspective With Adventure Balloons

“What can we expect when we take a flight with Adventure Balloon’s?” many of our customers ask when they call our office; and it’s not hard to find the answer with us! Our website has all the information you could need from our company history, details on our balloons, customer comments, flight videos and photographs, an explanation as to what weather conditions we need, the history of balloons and how a hot air balloon works, an FAQ and even a News facility. In fact not only will our website allow you to find all the information you need and want to know about us and ballooning, but it will also allow you to check date availability against the location you have chosen, and then book the flight‼ That’s not to say however that you cannot phone us for information and bookings, as of course we’re always happy to take your calls – 01252 844222.

So what can you expect from you flight? Let me tell you…

Well, after joining in fully with the real sense of ballooning by helping to inflate the balloon, you will of course embark upon a truly magical adventure! In fact, there really is no other experience quite like it! You’ll find there’s no sensation of movement, no sensation of rising at all, you’ll just look down and see the world dropping away, it’s quite surreal! You’ll look up and see the inside of the balloons envelope, the burners and feel the heat on your face, then look across in any direction and enjoy panoramic 360 degree views of the world around you! The fields will appear like a patchwork quilt and buildings and famous monuments will look like toys on the ground below. You’ll be flying with the birds, no movement of air, as you’ll be moving with the wind.

During your hours flight you could see heights of up to 3’000 feet! The exact height will depend on the wind however as the balloon rises and falls to find the appropriate wind path. During morning flights you’ll be lucky enough to see the world untouched by human hands, wildlife enjoying the world all to themselves. With the use of rotation vents, the pilot can rotate the balloon to provide you with a complete (and quite literal) birds-eye view, which in turns enables you to take the best possible photographs! Having said this however, the pilot will take an in flight photograph of you in the balloon which you can purchase after the flight.

After your flight and when you’re likely to be quiet speechless (and even feeling a little euphoric some have described), you can enjoy the experience to its max by seeing it through to its real end and helping your pilot to pack the balloon away. The pilot will then present you with a flight certificate which of course is followed by the mandatory (and celebratory!) glass of champagne (or orange juice if you prefer) to toast your very own magical mystery balloon tour.

It really is all that you’ve dreamed of and more and at the cost of just £89 per person, it’s a treat you might just be able to justify! Enjoy and Bon Voyage!

Enjoy Our Extended Offers!

The rest of March and into April are set to be very pleasant indeed for the time of year, with no weather warnings and low rainfall set for the month ahead (which isn’t great given the current drought in large parts of England and the impending hose pipe ban) making for perfect flying conditions! In fact temperatures have been several degrees above the average for the time of year, which the climate being more like June than March. Weather findings have suggested that the all time March temperature record in Scotland has been broken with a heat of 22.8°C beating the 22.2°C recorded on 13th March 1957!

All this considered could this be the perfect time for you to embark upon your hot air balloon dream? At Adventure Balloons we believe in making the most of the now; for all we know, we could be set for a fifth year running of summer ending by June; what we’re seeing now could in fact be the beginning of our summer as we’ve come to know these past few years! Let embrace it, accept it and enjoy it!

Spring hot air balloon offers –

You may be happy to hear that we are holding our special offers for a little longer this year with prices for our balloon flight vouchers on line from as little as £89 per person! This could be the perfect birthday surprise, romantic anniversary escapade, an unbeatable congratulations reward, or even an incentive or moral booster for your staff or clientele. We even have specialist HAPPY BIRTHDAY balloons so that you can draw that little bit more attention to your loved one!

It couldn’t be easier to book; simply visit us online to check date availability and to order through our fast bookings feature, or call us on 01252 844222 to speak to a member of our friendly team. You can choose from the following flight locations;

Oxford, Reading, Hemel Hempstead, Stevenage, Watford, Tring, London, Basingstoke, Hartley Wintney, Guildford, Farnham, Godalming, West Meon, Micheldever, Alton, Winchester, Kent, Sussex and Essex.

Don’t ponder it with a mind filled with questions; get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!

Flights Over South Hampshire at Adventure Balloons

Adventure Balloons fly from many locations; however one of the most popular is South Hampshire. We are told this is likely to be our most beautiful locations covering some of Britain’s finest countryside, towns and villages. We fly from Anstey Park in Alton, West Meon, Micheldever near the railway station and from the City of Winchester. Where the balloon will take you is completely dependent on which site we take off from and of course the direction of the wind on the day. Possible sightings include the glorious Winchester Cathedral, the rolling Hampshire countryside, the post card picture River Test, small idyllic villages such as Laverstoke, Whitchurch, and the Candovers. Other possibilities include larger estates such as Leckford on the River Test where Waitrose produce a lot of their food, the Mid Hants Steam Railway that runs from Alton to Alresford and if you’re very lucky, you may even see a glider circling around Lasham airfield!

Of course there are considerations that need to be made; flying from South Hampshire means that we have to keep clear of Southampton Airport at Eastleigh, and we must also keep our passengers out of the Solent! So as you can imagine, in order to provide you with a safe and enjoyable flight, the chosen site will depend entirely on the wind direction and speed on the day of your flight.

If a flight over South Hampshire sounds like your dream ballooning experience, then come on over to Adventure Balloons! You can book online 24 hours a day where you will be emailed your flight vouchers, or where you can select the option for your vouchers to be sent to you via Royal Mail. You can even check our available dates online and see where you’re most likely to get a flight on your chosen date. Alternatively you can call us on 01252 844222 where we will answer all of your questions and even place your booking for you! We look forward to welcoming you aboad!

Adventure Balloons – Where We Fly…

Would you like to take a balloon flight but can’t decide where? Well you’ve made the first step and have found a ballooning company that you’d like to look into; here at Adventure Balloons you can try our new balloon flight locations page which is full of useful information about the areas that we fly in and around, plus some great aerial photographs and maps to give you an idea of what you can expect to see. Furthermore, in order to provide you with everything you need to know in one place, you’ll even find directions to help you on your way to us on the day.

Did you know that Adventure Balloons are the longest running passenger balloon ride company around London and the Home Counties? Through our years of experience we’ve found that passengers tend to lean towards flying over areas which are familiar too them, possibly as they are intrigued to see what it looks like from another aspect. This has proven to be an important factor in the enjoyment of many of our passenger’s flights as they gaze in awe over countryside they grew up in.

We fly from:

Oxford, Reading, Hemel Hempstead, Stevenage, Watford, Tring, London, Basingstoke, Hartley Wintney, Guildford, Farnham, Godalming, West Meon, Micheldever, Alton, Winchester, Kent, Sussex and Essex.

You’ll want to wear walking boots or wellingtons as most of our sites are in town parks, unique to Adventure Balloons. All our locations are easy to find and make the perfect environment for friends to come and wave you off, pus give passengers the added interest of both town and countryside views during the flight!

It’s easy to book your flight, simply visit us online and choose from our list of locations and available dates, then go ahead and book the flight. You will have the option of e-mailed vouchers of vouchers sent in the post. Alternatively you can always book your flight by phone on 01252 844222.

A Little About Us…

We couldn’t and wouldn’t ever expect you to choose to fly with Adventure Balloons unless you knew more about us. We’re not talking about taking you on a shopping trip here, this is big stuff, a flight in a giant hot air filled balloon doesn’t get more daunting for some and so it’s important that you do your research for your own peace of mind. So let us tell you a little about our background.

Adventure Balloons offers exclusive flights in and around London and the Home Counties and are proud members of Balloons Over Britain, the UK’s national ballooning network. We first took to the skies in April 1985, when at the time, few other companies offered balloon flights in the UK. As demand for our hot air balloon flights grew, by 1988 we purchased a four passenger balloon, which of course was followed by several others.

We are the largest company in the country who offer UK balloon flights, and now boast a fleet of seven hot air balloons with capacities which range from four to sixteen people! These include the following:

  • Our eight passenger balloon, aptly nicknamed the “Stained Glass Window”, and felt by many to be so attractive that we have used its design for the Adventure Balloons emblem and mugs, T-shirts and other balloon flight memorabilia.
  • Our two traditionally coloured 16 passenger balloons, perfect for big party groups!
  • The “North Sea Flyer”, our sixteen person balloon, has another story to tell. We bought it from two millionaires who flew across the North Sea for fun! It was the first hot air balloon of this carrying capacity the Civil Aviation Authority actually allowed to fly in the UK.
  • Our Toucan Travel balloon which is a new aerial promotion tool for the Toucan Travel chain of travel agencies. The balloon carries 10 people plus pilot in the latest state of the art basket designed by manufacturers Lindstrand Balloons of Oswestry.
  • Let’s not forget our Happy Birthday Balloons. So many passengers buy balloon flight as a birthday gift, so we thought this would be a great idea to create balloons that say HAPPY BIRTHDAY on them, the perfect birthday surprise!

Adventure Balloons are CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) Certified and members of The British Balloon & Airship Club. For more information you can call us on 01252 844222 where you can also make bookings, alternatively you can easily book online.

2012 Flights Begin!

At Adventure Balloons our 2012 season kicked off with a rather chilly start which just added to the excitement of the day. The temperatures peaked at a “brrrrrrrrreathtaking” minus 8 degrees, we thought it was mighty brave of Kunal Barai to brave it with his partner so early on a Saturday morning! The pair travelled from London to Winchfield by train with anticipation and excitement of their adventurous day ahead!

However what was unquestionably a rather freezing day was soon warmed by a question from Kunal himself. With the hot air balloon ascended to 2,000 feet over the picturesque village of Hook in Hampshire, it couldn’t have been a more perfect backdrop for Kunal – on bended knee – to pop the question to Tina!

Hot air ballooning is without a doubt the most romantic way to take to the skies, so why not take this perfect opportunity to ask your loved one to spend the rest of their lives with you? It’s certainly one way to knock their socks off, so to speak! Kunal was obviously one of the more romantically minded men of the world and thanks to his thought and deliberation of the best way to propose, he was of course successful! As Tina said yes he slipped a ring on her finger which he had purchased from Tiffany’s earlier in the week. Perfect.

“It was a great way to start our ballooning season and the weather was superb. It was one of those rare crisp winters days with lovely visibility, some snow on the ground and the balloon landed on a field belonging to a lovely farmer” said Chief Pilot Kim Hull. “We wish Tina and Kunal a great future after their flying start!”

For more details of other proposals on our hot air balloon rides click here.

We’ve Teamed up With Balloon Rides Ltd!

Adventure Balloons have partnered up with Balloon Rides Ltd ( to offer you a wider selection of balloon flight locations. Now you can go through us to book flights in York and Lincolnshire too! But who are Balloon Rides I here you ask? Balloon Rides are in fact York’s longest running balloon operator! They were created by founder Tom Donnelly together with his unlimited enthusiasm for the sport of hot air ballooning and with his 30 plus years of experience in flying and manufacturing hot air balloons, Balloon Rides are proudly at the forefront of modern hot air ballooning. Coupled with us at Adventure Balloons, who are of course another founding member of hot air balloon rides in the UK, our customers will have a far wider choice of where to take their dream hot air balloon flight.

Balloon Rides Ltd’s pilots offer their customers the security in the knowledge of their national, international and world ballooning award wins. They have flown television and film celebrities, secured several national flight records, and made a number of ‘adventure’ flights crossing the English Channel, the Irish Sea and the Alps. With Balloons Rides you can be sure of unrivalled expertise, an unblemished safety record, excellent personalised customer service and a passionate enthusiasm for the sport.

Still of Britain’s ‘Top Ten Things To Do’ list, there’s no doubting the magic and wonder of hot air ballooning. For everyone who has ever flown in a balloon, it is a truly memorable event, one that will be treasured forever and one which will be completely unique to any other experience. Giving the gift of a hot air balloon ride ticket is certainly unbeatable and guaranteed to get quiet a reaction! What’s more, it isn’t as expensive as you might think! With balloon flights from launch sites in Yorkshire around the county’s ancient Capital City of York and over the beautiful Lincolnshire countryside near Grantham, Stoke Rochford and Rutland Water and a minimum price of just £89 per person, what have you got to lose?! Simply book online or call us on 01757 288 888.

Adventure Balloons Superior Service Every Time

All this cold weather doesn’t half bring the mood down. Fuel prices are going through the roof, we’re all struggling to keep our homes warm, and now the seasons are teasing us! Our garden flowers, shrubs and climbers are re-budding and daffodils are raising their sunny heads bringing us hope for spring, warmth and sunshine, but then the frost is quickly killing them off again. With the recent snowy conditions, it seems spring has been put on hold entirely! However let’s be realistic, spring will come again and just as we’ve had for the past 5 summers, our summer will all happen at around the same time and be gone within weeks. With the sunny season of late being so short lived, it seems that year on year out we’re not getting enough of a chance to enjoy it and re-charge our batteries. It used to be that we’d look forward to winter after a scorcher of a summer, however now we’re left wanting more!

It’s all very odd, but we’ve found that the key to enjoying your spring/summer is to maximise it! Book as much into Britain’s tiny summer as possible and photograph every moment so that when you look back it will feel as though you’ve actually had one! And what better to put at the top of that list than a fabulous trip 3,000 feet in the air, in a hot air balloon?! This is where we come in…

Adventure Balloons specialise in extraordinary champagne balloon rides across the most beautiful and fascinating parts of Britain, Oxford, Reading, Hemel Hempstead, Stevenage, Watford, Tring, London, Basingstoke, Hartley Wintney, Guildford, Farnham, Godalming, West Meon, Micheldever, Alton, Winchester, Kent, Sussex and Essex. We are the longest running passenger balloon ride company around London and the Home Counties and have been operating since 1985! People come to us when they want a balloon ride for that special occasion; For birthday presents we offer our unique HAPPY BIRTHDAY balloons, for valentine’s we even have balloon rides just for the two of you (and the pilot of course), we’ve a reputation for attention to detail and tailored service for Wedding balloon rides and proposals and you can choose from a number of voucher designs and even gift box your treat for Christmas surprises! Companies choose us for corporate flights and advertising and recommend us highly for our professionalism where appropriate and more personal touch.

You have all the options you need with us, you can check date availability, book online, order last minute for emailed vouchers or call us for more information and one to one bookings. Our telephone number is 01252 844222, call us local rate for consistently friendly help and guidance. From everyone here at Adventure Balloons, Welcome Aboard!

Adventure Balloons – From The Customers Mouth

At Adventure Balloons we first took to the skies in April 1985, at this time passenger Ballooning was a relatively new thing and so there weren’t many of us around! However as demand grew, so did we and it seems our reputation exceeded us! It wasn’t long before our name stood for quality ballooning, excellent customer service and a drive to please. And how true this is, we love ballooning today as much as we ever have and it’d be fair to say that we gain a lot of our appreciation of what we do from giving our customers a good time!

Now, as the largest company in the country offering UK balloon flights, we operate seven hot air balloons with capacities which range from four to sixteen people and even boast our very own HAPPY BIRTHDAY balloons!

So what do our customers say about us? You can take a look for yourself by viewing our ‘customer comment’ section on the site. We’ve taken a few of the best ones below to give you an idea.

It is easy to forget that you are suspended from a large piece of nylon held up with a few canisters of gas. Travelling across the town you can almost imagine you are in a cinema watching a film.” – Reading Chronicle

“Having promised myself a flight in a balloon by the time I reached 40, I was thrilled with the realisation of this dream. It was such a peaceful, surreal experience, made all the more fulfilling by all the people involved, the friends helping to inflate the balloon. – PK – Herts

“Hot air ballooning has to be one of the most romantic ways to fly. Few can resist the attractions, and whether you choose a morning or evening flight, the experience will be remembered for years to come!” - Surrey Advertiser

And one last thing; you have one week to go until the big day! Valentine’s Day falls on Tuesday 14th February this year giving you just 6 full days to organise that special gift. Are you thinking a box of chocolates just won’t cut it this year? Well imagine the look on their face if you presented them with hot air ballooning vouchers! Although you’ve only a week left, you can leave this one right to the very last minute if you have a printer. You can simply book online and we’ll email you your printable vouchers immediately, or if you’d rather we gift boxed your surprise vouchers (along with a few little extras), get in touch now! You’ve just enough time to order your vouchers and your £15 gift box in time for 14th!

Adventure Balloons – More Than Accommodating!

At Adventure Balloons we specialise in hot air ballooning but what makes us stand out above the rest is that we don’t hand out rides like a conveyer belt. Our passion for ballooning drives us to enjoy providing our customers with unique experiences every time. Making you happy really does make us happy and so we always strive to tailor each flight to the individual. After 27 years of running passenger hot air balloon rides, we’re more in love with the ‘sport’ than we ever have been! There’s nothing as wonderful to us, than seeing the expressions and reactions from our passengers when we take them up on their first hot air balloon ride; it’s magic!

However it’s not just our dedication to customer satisfaction that makes us so popular; we have looked at every corner of our business so that we can bring you the very best in every area of your experience, from your researching, your choice of location and date to the booking process itself. Take a look at the features we have available for you.

Running Out Of Time? – Simply choose a voucher design from our range to arrive at the email of your choice in seconds! When you have selected your voucher type and design complete with your personal message. This facility is available 24 hours a day!

Birthday Surprise? – We have just the thing; take a look at our specialist HAPPY BIRTHDAY Balloons available for 2-4 people and for parties of 16! They’re over 100 feet high and we’re the only ballooning company to have them in the country!

Buy & Fly Now! – If you have a voucher, all you have to do is enter your location and the amount of spaces you require and we’ll give you available dates over the next 30 days! However if you do not have an Adventure Balloons Voucher you can find out available dates before you book too! Again, just select the location that you wish to fly from and the number of passenger spaces you require and you will then see all flights matching your requirements over the next 30 plus days.

Easy peasy! If you’d like to discuss the flight, book over the phone, ask questions and generally have some human contact, do feel free to call us, we’re always happy to help – 01252 844222.
Member of Balloons Over Britain